WHS Bulldogs

Walter M Williams High School
Class of 1961

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Mrs. Eamon's 1st Grade Class, Hillcrest Elementary School, 1949-1950, Linda Swanner was Goldilocks, David Gerow was Baby Bear, Pam O'Neal was Mama Bear, and Jim Carpenter was Papa Bear
Row 1 (across)
Patsy Walker, Ann Martin, ______________, Bobby Hardie, Billy Pascal, Lanny Benton, Gayle Isley
Row 2
_____________, _____________, Brenda King, _____________, Carolyn Biggerstaff
Row 3
____________, Linda Swanner, David Gerow (Baby Bear), ___________._____________, Joyce Gibson
Row 4
Diana Staley, Brenda Jones, ___________, __________, John Bonds
Row 5
Marguerite Laughan, Paul Ellis, Becky Roberson, ___________, Russell Cooper (?), __________, Bobby Halliburton

Goldilocks and the 3 bears unmasked
(Goldilocks) Linda Swanner, (Baby Bear) David Gerow, (Mama Bear) Pam O'Neal, (Papa Bear) Jim Carpenter

Hillcrest Third Grade - front row left to right
 First row- Catherine May, John Black, Linda Swanner
 Second row- Fairy godmother Betty Burke, Lanny Benton, King, Larry Amick, Diane Webster
 Third row- Patsy Bradley, Tommy McKeel Peterson, Sue Hagood, Judy Sharp
 Fourth row- unk, Steve Richmond, Mary Storey, Joyce Gibson
 Fifth row- Rita Tunstall, solder boy, Jimmy Self, Taylor Johnson, Tommy Mewborn?, Faye Williamson?, Jan Thornton?, unk girl, Dickey Burwell, Carolyn Allen, Paul Ellis (or Bernie Efland), Joseph Allen, girl with bow, Manly May, unk, Becky Robertson, unk, Brenda Jones?
 Very back- Mrs. Cox, Don't know who is making a face beside Paul Ellis 

Mary's Dance Party at TV 2
Anyone who wants a copy of this picture so that they can zoom in for identifications, please contact

From the left: Faye Horner, Fuzz Carter, Bud Dowdy (?) dancing with Linda Swanner, Linda Swanner, Brenda Jones (?), Don Miller, Mike Parks, Betty Ford, Nancy Gordon, Mary Storey (?), Herbert "Mouse" Loy, David Gerow (?), Judy Thompson, Tommy McKeel Peterson, Ann Dahl, Willard Ann Foster and Dickie Coleman (?), Johnny Kinney, Roy Campbell (?), Faye Williamson (?) dancing with Jimmy Clark, Jimmy Clark, Bobby Clark(?), Bernie Ephland (?) dancing with Nancy Covington, Becky Robertson, Nancy Covington, Donald Pegg (?), Linda Mackintosh, Paul Ellis, Wink Wilson, Peggy Carroll, Miss Pender, Jo Ella Cole, Russell Cooper (?), Fred Bright, John Robert Kernodle, Johnny Williams (?), Ann Reddick (?), Nancy Jo Hooper (?), Tom Collins (?, at table ?).
 Brenda King and Sandra Saunders, Sandra on the left and Brenda on the right, on a trip to Morehead planetarium in Chapel Hill...don't know the name of the little one.
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