WHS Bulldogs

Walter M Williams High School
Class of 1961

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"Used by permission from Burlington Then and Now, Copyright Don Bolden 2010, Arcadia Publishers".
The following photos were provided by Don Bolden, author of the following book and the photos are "Used by permission from Burlington Then and Now, Copyright Don Bolden 2010, Arcadia Publishers". There are many more photos in the book, and there is considerable text describing the photos. I am showing the photo sites "back then", the book shows what the sites look like "now". If you would like a copy of the book, you may order a copy at http://www.amazon.com/Burlington-Then-Now/dp/0738586536/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1293900671&sr=8-1
You may also get a copy of the book(s) from Don Bolden at 336 584-6950. They may make a nice gift for someone who has connections with Burlington.

Per Milton Newton: Tire Sales then and City Furniture today. CF was my father's store until his retirement and it continued on under Gene Hall until Gene's death in 2009. Gene (Jim Hall's son) worked for my father his entire life and ended up buying the business. My dad even taught Gene how to drive. Gene was like a brother to Mike and I.
Per Don Bolden: Some of the walls are from an original building from the 1850's in Company Shops (Burlington's first name).

May Memorial Library...building dates back to 1916. Per Milton Newton: It was a rare Burlington kid that wasn't in this library.

Burlington High School Band...1930's?

One of Burlington's Department Stores for more than 100 years...begun in the 1870's. Joyce King Guyer worked here in the office during high school, and after graduation as well.

The old City Hall (built 1916), Duke Power Office, Town Theater. You used to be able to get into the Town Theater on Saturday Mornings in the mid-fifties for an empty coke bottle. You could see several cartoons, a serial like Sky King, and a movie. Down the street is the Red Bird Taxi lot, the Studebaker Dealer, and the original Boston Sandwich Shop before it moved to its current location across the street.

Newton Furniture, JC Penny, May Hosiery on the right, Alamance Hotel...cars are late fifties.

Per Milton Newton: I remember when the First Presbyterian Church was located in this spot. We attended
                  church day school in the summer in that log cabin. 54 Bel Air Chevrolet on the corner...55 Dodge 3rd car in the parking lot.

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