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Walter M Williams High School
Class of 1961

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"Used by permission from Burlington Then and Now, Copyright Don Bolden 2010, Arcadia Publishers".
The following photos were provided by Don Bolden, author of the following book and the photos are "Used by permission from Burlington Then and Now, Copyright Don Bolden 2010, Arcadia Publishers". There are many more photos in the book, and there is considerable text describing the photos. I am showing the photo sites "back then", the book shows what the sites look like "now". If you would like a copy of the book, you may order a copy at http://www.amazon.com/Burlington-Then-Now/dp/0738586536/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1293900671&sr=8-1
You may also get a copy of the book(s) from Don Bolden at 336 584-6950. They may make a nice gift for someone who has connections with Burlington.

Main Street, 1934

Main St at Maple Ave...1930's...notice the Sinclair Gas Station where Penny's was eventually built approx  1950s

Melville Dairy...since 1927...founded by Ralph H. Scott...many families stopped there for a cone or shake...Gene Wrenn (class of '60) worked there.

Milt, Mike & Patricia Newton - this photo was in the newspaper because the Newton family used more milk than any of their other customers! Looks like about 1948 or so. Notice that Burlington had finally gone to 5 digit phone numbers.

United Dept Stores...now Style Craft Interiors...previously owned by Sammy Newton, class of '61

Main St, 1950's...52 Chev, 55 Pontiac, 53 Chev, 55 Buick, many neat stores

Fountain Place...fist major planned subdivision in Burlington...developed in the 1920's

Ronnie Steele at the old fountain on Fountain Place, about 1945. We lived 2 blocks away on Peele St. That appears to be Hillcrest School between the 2 houses in the background. I recalled I had some photos of the old fountain...this photo was not in Don Bolden's book.

Walter B. Ellis Post of the American Legion built after WWI...Mr. Ellis was the first soldier believed to have died in WWI from Alamance County...the Post now serves veterans from all the nation's wars.

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