WHS Bulldogs

Walter M Williams High School
Class of 1961

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"Used by permission from Burlington Then and Now, Copyright Don Bolden 2010, Arcadia Publishers".
The following photos were provided by Carlton Prickett. Carlton's Mom saved a box of clippings for him and he loaned them to me. The number of clippings are too numerous to put on this site, but I have selected some that are representative of our years k-12. A few attest to Carlton's great academic, leadership,  and athletic abilities. I hope you enjoy them. THANK YOU CARLTON!!

WHS 1960-1961 Varsity Football Team, Record 8-2, lost only 2 games by a total of 3 points

The WHS 1960 Football Team's record of 8 wins and 2 losses stood for more than a decade. Walter Williams didn't have another win/loss record that came close to ours until the 1970 WHS Football Team which had an identical 8-2 win/loss record.  From the book (Black Coach) by Pat Jordan, copyright 1971. 

Front Row: Head Coach CA Frye, Herbie Johnson, Ronnie Stanley, Billy Merritt, Carlton Pricket Jr., ?, Mike Watson, Milton Newton, Dennis Darling, Coach Gene Abercrombie
Second Row: Paul Ellis, Keister Oakley, Mike Parks, Jimmy Coble, Tommy Mitchell, Reggie Loy, Jimmy Bailey, ?, Lynn Wilson, Kenny Benson, Bill Clark
Third Row: Trainer Hugh Stevens, Mike Newton (Injured in game), Jimmy Shoaf, ? Spain, Nat Harris, Bill Gentry, Rodney Stewart, Johnny Williams, ?, ? Spain, Trainer John Robert Kernodle Jr., ?
Fourth Row: ?, Jimmy Clark, Tommy Finley, Gary Boland, ?, Sammy Newton, Ronnie Steele, Russell Cooper, Jimmy Brown, C. V. May, Harold Jarvis, Tommy Newsome


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