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From Ann Pennington Olson:
 Brenda Graves received a CD in the mail from Ann Pennington Olson sharing her Reunion photos
from Friday and Saturday Nights, Ladies Luncheon (Reunion Weekend) Ladies Luncheon (March '12) and a visit with John Black.

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From Brenda Graves:
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Barbara Massey's Photos.. Friday Night Event
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Barbara Massey's Photos of Saturday Night Event
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Elizabeth Cox Hess and Philip Gates ..... Reunion Weekend Photos
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Album for sharing all classmates photos (Please send your photos to Brenda Graves):
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From Reggie Loy, Myra Grant Loy, Molly Wrape Newton, and Brenda Graves:

Bonnie Rutledge Allred requested that we put the Memorial on the web site just as it appeared on the table at Alamance Country Club. Brenda Graves has put photos of the Memorial on the Kodak web site. Myra Grant Loy and Reggie Loy created the Memorial picture frame with the moving photos. Myra and Reggie also provided the photos to Ron Steele, and he has provided the link from Brenda here. Molly Wrape Newton provided the candle, flower, In Memoriam sign, and configuration on the table.

As we look at the photos of our classmates who have passed on, we remember them in school and
the impact they had on our lives. They will never be forgotten.

"In Memoriam" is Latin for "In Memory Of", a lit candle signifies life after death, and the calla lilies signify
spiritual peace and provide a feeling of peace in the room as friends
come to say goodbye. When Molly Wrape Newton was planning the memorial table, this is where she drew inspiration for how it should be. Reggie and Myra Grant Loy did a great job in setting up the digital display of deceased classmates. The main effect Molly was trying to achieve was love, peace and eternity.

For best viewing,
1. Click "View Album"
2. Then click "Full Screen" 
3. You can also click to change the speed of the display, or click to change photos manually.

Contact Ron Steele if you have questions about viewing this album.

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From Sandra Perkins Robertson and Jim Robertson: Left Click on the class photo below and it will open in a new window with a little magnifying glass with a + symbol in it. Then left click on the photo again and it should expand to a much larger view of the class photo. You can then scroll left-right-up-down to see the faces better.
Contact Ron Steele Ron Steele if this does not work for you.
WILLIAMS 50TH REUNION - 203 Attendees
    Married Spouse/Guest
First Name Last Name Name Name
Ann Aaron Newman Jack
Carolyn  Allen Waters Henry
John W. Allen   Judy
Billy & Sandy Woodell Allred   Sandy*
Dr. Larry D.  Allred    
Larry Amick   Kaye
Randall Andrews    
Jimmy  Bailey, Jr   Frances
William R. (Buddy) Baker    
David  Baulding   Barbara
Jerry Mac Beard   Megan
William Matthew Bell    
Joe  Bird   Lore
John Black   Carolyn
Alma Blackwelder    
John E Bonds   Donna
Johnny Boswell   Connie
Jim Brannock III   Martha
Fred W. Bright   Sandy 
Holt Brown McLean Tom
Melda K. Brown James Gene
Peggy L.  Carroll Moran Nolan
Elsie Howard Cheek Scotton Jake
Gloria  Christopher Payne  
Clara  Clapp    
Bobby & Janet Swaim Clark   Janet*
Sue Coe Philbeck  
Tom D. Collins   Marilyn
Russell Cooper    
Nancy Covington Long Alan
Elizabeth (Betty)  Cox Hess Phillip Gates Jr.
Clara  Crumpler Bitter Steve
Dennis A.  Darling   Carole
Richard & Dianne Webster Davis   Dianne*
J. Sharon Dennis Amos Buddy
Larry M Dodson   Barbara
Paul   Ellis   Delfina Ruiz             
Doris Farmer Neese  
Mary Lou Fletcher Tucker  
Roscoe J. Felts Jr.    
Al(Teeny) Fogleman   Cookie
Betty  Ford    
Willard Ann Foster Plunkett Gary Morton
Joe  Gentry   Donna
James R Gilmore   Claudia
Jo Anne Goodson Haizlip Leonard
James W. Graham   Maragrete
Roger & Brenda King Graves   Brenda*
Bing G. Greeson    
Nancy Grissom  Bell  
Fred L. Guthrie   Tom Mitchell
Brenda Hackney Dickson George
Bobby  Hardie    
Pat & Phoebe Norville Harman   Phoebe*
John W. "Skip" Hinshaw   Mary Alice
Danny C. Hodge   Sherry
Faye  Horner Kanapaux  
Tate  Horton   Anne
Hughes "Mackey" Huffman Jr    
Jeffrey Lee Hynes   Tricia
Estelle Isley Thomas Ed
Dr. Harold B. Kernodle Jr   Lucy
David Kimball   Mary Ann
John F Kinney   Kathryn
Diana Lassiter Hanford  
J.B. Lee, Jr   JonDeenTerry
Martha Lipsky   Gail Reavis
Judy  Littlejohn Teague  
Aaron L Lockamy   Beth
Betty Long Adams Howard
Bick Long   Lynlee
Patricia Ann Long Slone  
Reggie Loy   Myra
Betty Sue Mann Coble Charles
C. V. May   Trish
Ward May    
Sue   McAteer   ?
Bonnie McEvoy Lawrence  
Jimmy McIntyre   Julie
Mark McIntyre   Gwen
Brenda Melton Coggins Pete
Martha Merritt Shoffner  
Dennis B. Miller   Gayle
Sue Mitchell Petree  
Pat Moylan Capozzi Robert
Tom & Sue Hagood Newsome   Sue*
Mike & Linda Cole Newton   Linda*
Milton & Molly Wrape Newton   Molly*
David W Oakley   Carol
Gloria Oakley Coe Bill
Pam  O'Neal Carter  
Lydia M. Parker Weeks  
Mike & Linda Mackintosh Parks   Linda*
Ann B. Pennington Olson Bruce
Sandra Perkins Robertson Jimmy
Tom McKeel Peterson   Beverly
Otis D. Powell, Jr   Nancy
Carlton S.  Prickett, Jr   Susan
Carolyn Ray Thomas Norman
Jackie A Reavis Ricucci Buddy
Paul Gordon Renigar, Sr.    
Edward Rhew    
Steve Richmond   Jody
Brenda Ritchie Coleman Ben
Bonnie  Rutledge Allred  
Jim   Shoaf    
Margaret   Simpson Stephens Jimmy
Diane  Smith Perry  
Ronald "Ron" Earl Smith    
Henry  Somers   Diane
Nina Stanfield Hunt  
Ronald W Stanley   Jeanette
Jerry Allen Starling    
Ron Steele   Nancy
Hugh  Stevens   Marilyn
Eddie & Valera Whitesell Stewart   Valera*
Larry T. Teague   Carole
Jerry Thomas    
Patricia Walker Puckett  
Mike Watson    
Johnny H. Williams   Marilyn
Linda Kay Wilson Gwaltney Cecil
Sandra Wilson    
Photographer     Barbara Massey
Photographer     Jimmy Robertson

The "Shut The Front Door" Woman (You need to see the Oreo Cookie commercial to understand): Nancy Higgins Steele, Janet Swaim Clark, Ron Steele...at The Cutting Board

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