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Battle of Guilford Courthouse Commemoration
Greensboro NC
233rd anniversary...the battle was March 15 1781

The Battle of Guilford Courthouse in the village then named Martinsville, now in North Greensboro NC (named after a Martin family), was a key battle which was the beginning of the end of British rule in the Southern Colonies. This was key in that British General Cornwallis's soldiers were so badly hurt in the battle, that he retreated to Wilmington NC and on to Yorktown VA where he was defeated by George Washington and LaFayette, thus ending the Revolutionary War in Oct 1781.
We are on hallowed ground here, with the impetus to begin the Revolutionary War being fought at the Battle of Alamance in May 1771, and the beginning of the end of the British in America, in Greensboro. In fact, Lt Col Banastre Tarleton (British Cavalry) camped a few weeks before Guilford Courthouse between our WHS stadium and Turrentine school, thus Tarleton Ave is the name of the street there behind the stadium. My house in West Burlington sits on the area where "Light Horse" Harry Lee (American Cavalry) who happened to be Gen Robt E Lee's Father, camped before he and Tarleton fought numerous skirmishes before Guilford Courthouse. 

 Ron Steele (WHS 1961) is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), Alamance Battleground Chapter, and Joe Steele, Ron's brother (WHS 1967) is a member of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse SAR . Their 4th Great-Grandfather, Francis Steele II, fought more than 3 years in the Revolutionary War, and was in the Battle of Yorktown VA where British General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington. The siege there lasted 19 days.

We owe a lot to those patriots.

 If members of the Walter M. Williams Class of 1961 in Burlington NC, had ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, or had ancestors who contributed supplies to the soldiers and Militia, and you would like to share that information, you can send information about them to Ron Steele .

8:30 AM Preparation
, March 15, 2014

9:00 AM: Joe Steele in photo, and Ron Steele are in charge of the wreaths

10:00 AM: Ready for ceremony to begin

The ladies appear in Colonial dress and present a wreath for their chapters of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)

A member of the Militia (tan coat in center) presenting his wreath

Militia dress in the 1700's...The American Army (Continentals) wore dark blue coats

Continentals (Blue Coats) fought together with the Militia for the American Colonies